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the Program

Mindlab is designed to help you experience the benefits meditation has to offer. With our 30-day 30-minute meditation program you’ll be able to break unwanted habits, you’ll learn to be more present in the moment and to strengthen your state of mind. Our expert teachers will introduce you to a daily routine offering simple techniques in an accessible manner. The program consists of theory, guided meditation sits and various mindfulness exercises that will help you discover what works best for you.

Each class will have 20-25 participants and will be taught in English. You are expected to fully commit to the 30-day program and not miss more than 3 mornings: it’s the consistent practice that makes the difference. Each 30-day program will be taught by 3 different trained and certified meditation teachers. Scroll down to learn more about our trainers.

The price for the full program is €180 including a meditation pillow. That’s less than the average cost of a night at the W Hotel in Amsterdam, even though our meditation pillow by itself is just as calming!

The Teachers


Annelies has a background as dietician. After travelling in Asia (1992), where she connected with Buddhist philosophy, her interest and expertise broadened. She became a qualified Iyengar yoga teacher (1998), shiatsu therapist (2000), mindfulness trainer (2015) and began studying Tibetan Buddhism. Actively involved in FPMT, a worldwide organization preserving the Mahayana Tradition, the core of her activities is connecting body-mind and its health. She utilizes a foundation of mindfulness fused with the Tibetan Buddhist pillars of wisdom & compassion.


Bram is passionate about facilitating inner development in people and has trained in Buddhist philosophy and practice since the age of 16. He participated in several long term study and practice retreats within the Tibetan Buddhist tradition to deepen his own understanding and ability. Bram has a keen interest in making the heart of meditation accessible to people with a modern lifestyle and guides classes and individuals in a practical and down to earth manner, making it easy for beginners to connect while offering fresh viewpoints to those with experience.


Davide is a passionate trainer and mindfulness coach. He has studied contemplative practices for 20 years, including five years at a traditional Buddhist philosophy college in Nepal. Davide relies on cutting-edge neurobiological models to explain how meditation creates a sustainably healthy mind, translating the sometimes obscure language of eastern spiritual traditions into precise instructions that anyone can put into practice. Born and raised in Italy, he now lives in Amsterdam where he makes meditation accessible to entrepreneurs and in companies like KPN.


After a turbulent life Jonas felt stuck in the moment. There was nowhere to go but to surrender and to go inwards. Connecting more and more to a spiritual practice with different kinds of yoga & meditation. He started to meditate daily en was astonished about how things changed in himself and simultaneously his perception on the world. As he creates a warm and friendly atmosphere he gives simple tools to go more inward and find peace with what is. ‘We are not human beings having a spiritual experience, but we are spiritual beings having a human experience’


After studying Econometrics and working for several start up companies, Shari became aware that the way she lived was too stressful for her and found herself burned out for about a year. During that period she started with yoga & meditation and felt that it was exactly what she needed in her life. She strongly believes dat cultivating a meditation practice is the best gift you can give yourself. Shari invites you to experience this for yourself in an approachable way. You have the space to be gentle to you body and mind and feel what is here and now.


Victorine started her meditation practice in her early teens. As a highly sensitive person, often she was overwhelmed by the emotions of others. At the same time her mother was diagnosed with cancer, she met a shaman who taught her how to meditate. Her meditation practice was her answer to stay connected with herself, mentally and emotionally, during a difficult time when her mother passed away. After studying Business Psychology and doing research about mindfulness at organisations she started her own company. Her goal is to bring people closer to themselves through cultivating self-awareness. She helps people awaken what they already know through leadership practices, mindfulness and yin yoga.

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